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About us

Welcome & thank you for supporting a small business!
Who are we?
Hi, I'm the owner (23) of EmbroideryForYou and I started this business in October 2020 during the pandemic. Wanting to do something with alllll this spare time I had, I decided to buy a 1-needle embroidery machine with my mom to make some cute facemasks and a couple of tote bags. We made an Instagram account for our embroidered items and started making custom made tote bags. We absolutely loved the idea of making something that no one else had, a one of a kind item that you could carry around throughout the day.
So in December when Christmas came around, we really put ourselves to work! A bunch of custom tote bag gift ideas were requested as Christmas gifts, the holidays really became a time for us to expand. Gaining more followers on Instagram after the holidays, we decided to buy another 6 needle-embroidery machine and go big with starting our own Etsy shop and selling our tote bags as well as sweaters, t-shirts and other accessoires. 
A couple of months further, and here we are! We've decided to leave Etsy and run our company completely independently.
Our products
EmbroideryForYou is a place where you can purchase embroidered tote bags, t-shirts, sweaters and more.
Starting our business with embroidered tote bags, we felt like having an environmental-friendly item was necessary. Reducing the use of plastic (bags) is important for our planet and and future generations. Though it may not be the solution to environmental pollution, it's definitely a step in the right direction.
If you've looked around our little shop, you may have seen some items inspired by music, movies and tv-shows. As a pop culture lover myself, I've always wanted to find a way to express my love for a certain artist, movie or tv-show through merchandise. Having this business is our way of making our own cute items based on our favorite entertainers, and make merchandise a bit more affordable for people. 
The future of EmbroideryForYou
Here at EmbroideryForYou, we only make embroidered items (in case you didn't notice). But we think that there are more ways to express ourselves than just wearing clothing. Accessoires are a huge part of who we are and how we show ourselves to others. Handmade accessoires and trinkets can really give us that little moment of happiness, I definitely know that a cute phone case or jewelry can do that for me (and other people too). 
So stick around and see what we'll make in the future!